Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Seeing well is both a unique gift and an acquired skill. We all can improve our gift by examining, searching and learning about our existence.
The greatest art, whether it be novels, paintings, films, poetry, song or whatever else, is the result of people who see some aspect of the world clearly and can articulate that vision in a unique way. Their vision is a special gift. Yet, when the rest of us are willing to encounter that vision with an open mind we can learn to see in new ways ourselves.
Each of us, when we see something as meaningful or beautiful, share that vision. It makes what we see even more beautiful. 
Seeing the world full of colours, light, shapes and beauty and to do so with grace, humility and love.
Seeing and looking like we have never seen this before with the fresh eyes of a child filled with magic, we create more magical worlds for us and others. 
This blog  allows me to share visions which I've discovered with you. love, dascha

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