Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dascha  was born in Prague,  Czechoslovakia where she was surrounded by the beauty of  Prague’s art and architecture,  a  1000 year history ranging from early Gothic to the contemporary International Style. Because of the Communist Regime, Dascha could not fly as in her dreams. But starting from 1969, she had the chance to leave to London then Germany & the rest of Europe. In 1970, Dasca immigrated to USA.

What a long journey Dascha! In your search for art, you met a lot of people & experiences & this is a rich life. We can see that in your creations. In the above slide show, you can see collection of her digital photo collage arts. You feel that parts of her life is apparent in each work. We are not talking about her photo which is apparent in some creations. We are meaning different parts of the work giving you variable feelings & even timing. She is painting memories & stories.

By the way, Dascha  expresses  herself in acrylic  paint, water color on  paper and  canvas.  Her latest passion is creation of Digital Photo Collages. Also she studied interior design; multi talented as usual. We feel a light of hope present in her creations. She believe in a very precious thing ” art is  distillation of  creative energy and  life ( Living is  Art  and  Art is  Life).”

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