Thursday, July 9, 2009

I  dance with the light of spirit who has given us all that we know.
I dance with the light, as it shines on the flowers after a fresh falling rain.

We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh.

- Agnes Repplier

 I dance with the light as the whispers of many spirits sing to my heart so softly, that it brings tears of joy to my soul.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

 Your eyes are deep  ocean, 
Your hair is the waves that lift the ocean, 
Your heart is the vessel filled  with lovely mystery of the  ocean
On angel wings you do fly
On angel wings into the sky 
like a dream out of space; I saw your enigmatic face
Tree of LIFE  Somewhere in the deep woods I am standing blossoming with vigor and growing in my branches with ripening fruit enclosing the seed of the future awaiting that timeless moment in the prolific season when the seed will find itself assimilated to sprout again in the unfailing womb of creation and as the Tree of Life though seemingly whole I silently persist in clinging to earth for sustenance and power only to realize the glory of the ceaseless cycle of changing seasons. (c) Rajender Krishan September, 1999
Seeing well is both a unique gift and an acquired skill. We all can improve our gift by examining, searching and learning about our existence.
The greatest art, whether it be novels, paintings, films, poetry, song or whatever else, is the result of people who see some aspect of the world clearly and can articulate that vision in a unique way. Their vision is a special gift. Yet, when the rest of us are willing to encounter that vision with an open mind we can learn to see in new ways ourselves.
Each of us, when we see something as meaningful or beautiful, share that vision. It makes what we see even more beautiful. 
Seeing the world full of colours, light, shapes and beauty and to do so with grace, humility and love.
Seeing and looking like we have never seen this before with the fresh eyes of a child filled with magic, we create more magical worlds for us and others. 
This blog  allows me to share visions which I've discovered with you. love, dascha

Anastasia under the Wing
Lillie's dreams
Emma,  Paris 1930

visual artist, photo-collages, paintings

about my Photo collages, 
I would like to add little bit about my process and background. I am originally painter and approach the photo collage very similar like painting, just the tools here are my photographs (I have over 27000 of my photos in the file). What attracts me now to photos is the fascination with light and creation of different levels of reality (I like surrealism very much). My approach is playfullness and then of course applying my sense of esthetics, composition,, image, feelings. It is the process which fascinates me. 

"Yo no lo busco yo lo encuentro" -
- Picasso

ART exists so we do not die of reality

"Why can angels fly? Because they take themselves so lightly." 
- G.K. Chesterton

"All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness."
- Eckhart Tolle

Dascha  was born in Prague,  Czechoslovakia where she was surrounded by the beauty of  Prague’s art and architecture,  a  1000 year history ranging from early Gothic to the contemporary International Style. Because of the Communist Regime, Dascha could not fly as in her dreams. But starting from 1969, she had the chance to leave to London then Germany & the rest of Europe. In 1970, Dasca immigrated to USA.

What a long journey Dascha! In your search for art, you met a lot of people & experiences & this is a rich life. We can see that in your creations. In the above slide show, you can see collection of her digital photo collage arts. You feel that parts of her life is apparent in each work. We are not talking about her photo which is apparent in some creations. We are meaning different parts of the work giving you variable feelings & even timing. She is painting memories & stories.

By the way, Dascha  expresses  herself in acrylic  paint, water color on  paper and  canvas.  Her latest passion is creation of Digital Photo Collages. Also she studied interior design; multi talented as usual. We feel a light of hope present in her creations. She believe in a very precious thing ” art is  distillation of  creative energy and  life ( Living is  Art  and  Art is  Life).”